Shree Briarthorn


Black hair with blue streaks, cut short. Her eyes are brown, with just a hint of red in the irises. She is 3’1" tall and 30lbs. She wears a plain gray tunic and breeches with an apron while working the inn, but changes to her pictured outfit and hat when performing. She plays the lute and is always carrying a small bag on her belt that has yarn and knitting needles poking out. Whenever she has down time at work you would find her either sitting behind the bar knitting or in the kitchen cooking. Occasionally she takes a day off and plays her lute in the town square or a street corner. Shree is generally an easy going and calm person, except when she is playing her music. When she gets really into her music and is caught up in the fire of the song, she seems to go into a daze and red creeps into her vision and envelopes everything she sees. Veins of spidery red go from her fingertips and spread upward, up her arms and her neck. Her eyes go from soft brown to fiery red and her normally quiet voice booms forth in volume and intensity, demanding attention.


Shree comes from a traveling performing family that would always be going from place to place in a colorful wagon. They would stop next to a town and, while Shree and her mother performed (and distracted their guests) her father would wander through the crowd and “greet” the audience. After they had stayed a day or two (or her father was caught picking someone’s pocket) they would move on. After Shree came of age, she was pretty tired of the traveling (and thieving) life. She moved to Coral after spending a couple years wandering on her own and playing her lute on street corners. She was weary of the traveling life and chose Coral as a place that she had had good luck with her lute. Her plan was to find a place where she could get a permanent job performing and settle down. She hired on at the Dashing Dancer as their bard and later, after becoming friends with Paty Creed, the owner, became a partner. She helps keep books, wait tables, and perform when the hired performer can’t.

Shree Briarthorn

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